Prognostics Lecture Uniarts Helsinki

Prognostics Lecture Uniarts Helsinki

Sitesize Prognostics Lecture at Uniarts Helsinki
On territorial representations and development of community cohesion.
10 th March 2020

This Lecture is part of the Seminar:
Alternative paths, swaps and the collective dream
10 th and 11th March 2020
Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts

With Erick Beltran, Domènec, Alberto Peral, HalfHouse, La Canibal and Sitesize.

Barcelona and Helsinki are cities which share a past of looking for alternative social models of organisation. These proposals respond to urgent needs of people whose common problems forge a shared destiny. Collective formations, are opposed to the current standard narrative where the individual satisfies immediate needs with no need of memory or identity.


Prognostics Lectures Uniarts Helsinki