Way Out #5 Kelly Street Garden, Bronx, NY // Community Gardens in Vallcarca, Barcelona

Way Out #5
Kelly Street Garden, Bronx, NY // Community Gardens in Vallcarca, Barcelona

Walk and shared conversation via Zoom between community gardens in the Bronx, NY, and

Vallcarca, Barcelona.

Nicolás Dumit Estévez hosts in the Bronx and Joan Bernà in Vallcarca.

Saturday, October 2, 2021, 12 PM EDT / 18 h in Barcelona

We open a channel of communication, or rather an ear attuned to deep listening between

the Bronx and Barcelona, involving community gardens in Vallcarca, on the European continent and Kelly Street Garden, in the South Bronx, in the Americas.

For more than a year, and throughout the pandemic, Nicolás has been kindly nurtured every week by the organic produce, the beauty and the communities that he has been able to access at Kelly Street Garden. This has become a place of healing for him as well as for many of his neighbors because the Bronx, despite having one of the largest food markets in the United States, is still a food desert.

The network of community gardens in the barrio of Vallcarca is a group of spaces that have been rescued by neighbors from neglect and the greedy real estate speculation that threatens a great part of the city of Barcelona. This has resulted in a continuous effort over the years of defending and caring for each liberated space from development, to turn them into green areas for the coming together of community—gardens, vegetable plots, and urban forests reclaimed for free enjoyment and a renewed commitment with the Earth given the high density of the city.

During this encounter with Nicolás and Joan Bernà, via Zoom, we will share and exchange the generosity and regeneration that can sprout in metropolitan gardens in times of isolation. These spaces are natural doctors and remedies for the senses of the people who live around them and for the souls of these barrios. We will also engage neighbors, those who frequent these spaces, and those ultimately responsible for their creation and preservation. The idea is to listen as well to those who work in these gardens, while we witness what they do, their inspiration and their vision for the immediate future.

Kelly Street Garden


Assemblea de Vallcarca




Registration to follow the tour in person and virtually through Zoom.

Send an email to info-at-sitesize.net before Saturday, October 2.

The location of the meeting point or the link to follow the session via Zoom will be sent.

Nicolás’s contribution to this event is presented as part of Ven-ve. Ven-ve is presented with funds as part of a regrant program awarded Kelly Street Garden by Kalliopeia Foundation, as an important part of making Kelly Street Garden a spiritual hub and cultural treasure within the Longwood/ South Bronx community. With Ven-ve, Nicolás is interested in walking as art, but also for healing, and to kindle community and links amongst communities, peoples, organizations and towns as he has done for 20 years.